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A museum is not only made up of old things (like some people will thing). It can really be so much fun. Just think of all the interesting things you will learn. Some museums are made up out of old things, yes, but there are many types of museums out there. This includes art museums, natural history museums, science museums, war museums, palaces and I even noted a beer museum in the Netherlands. Whatever you fancy, there may be a museum out there for you…

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Museum Gevangenpoort – Den Haag

In the 16th century this building became a prison. But what was really interesting to learn, was that people were not locked up here, yes they were held in cells, but only until a judge delivered a sentence. After the sentence (be it public humiliation or death etc), they were no longer held in the…

Louwman Museum – Den Haag

If you are a car enthusiast, this is a MUST see museum.  You might think that this is just another car museum with a couple of old cars and lots of dust… but let me tell you, this is NOT the case. I honestly just booked tickets to this museum, because I felt bad for…

Anne Frank House – Amsterdam

As the lockdowns lifted in the Netherlands, and the museums began to open again, the Anne Frank museum was one of the first museums that I wanted to visit. It was by pure dumb luck that I booked our tickes on what would have been Anne’s 92nd birthday. I also don’t know how (I think…


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